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Residential organizing

orderly spaces and proper places

We can tackle any home organizational project

Such as rearranging your basement to helping you set up in a new home.

So many clients come to us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and even ashamed of the chaos and clutter in their homes. Cramped spaces, paper overflow, misplaced materials, insufficient storage are some examples of the challenges my clients face. We delight in helping others establish effective systems and spaces. This will save time and reduce stress for all members of the family or office.

When we finish working together – even on the smallest projects – they tell me their homes feel more beautiful and spacious, and their lives feel waaaaay more relaxed. It is the joy of our work to partner with you in getting you the home and peace you deserve.

At Toronto Home Organizing, our specialty is offering custom solutions people are most likely to adopt to any array of “clutter habits” in homes or offices.

We Work With You To Bring Your ORganized Vision to Life, Stress Free.

Toronto Home Organizing is a Toronto-based professional organizing company that saves homes and offices from clutter, paper overflow, misplaced materials, insufficient storage – and stress! We also strive to make your move as smooth as possible by offering assistance with the many details involved in the process.

The Great Closet Clean-up

Do you wear the same outfits every week because you’re not sure what’s really in your closet?

Do you tend to buy items of clothing you already own?

Does it take you forever to get dressed in the morning?

Then, let’s get things back in order so you’ll never have to wonder where the black belt is or where to put your folded t-shirts.

We’ll help you:

  • sort what you’ve got
  • identify what you might need to add (if anything)
  • re-organize your closet so it’s beautiful and neat
  • create easy maintenance clothing storage process
The Like-Clockwork Kitchen

If cupboards and drawers are so packed that to remove something requires an improvised explosive device, then it’s simply not working.

As the hub of most households, the kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house. If it’s disorganized, everyone’s time and energy are being wasted and tensions mount. We can devise a scheme and flow for you so that food preparation can be done while the dishwasher is being emptied and the table set, without it looking like a Tokyo subway at rush-hour.

The Orderly Home Office

Sometimes you’d rather be looking for a needle in a haystack than having to sort through your home office paperwork for a lost receipt or cable bill.

If you work from home full-time or simply need a work station somewhere to carry out everyday household matters, we’ll find that nook or room and together set you up with everything you need or want within reach, with practical systems to keep you neat.

The Gorgeous Garage

Gorgeous might be pushing it, but imagine if there were room for the car… and all the tools had their home, along with the rakes and shovels… maybe a potting table for your seedlings?

We’ll clear everything out and then we’ll put it all back together again, grouped by task so you have a solid contents management strategy (which is another way of saying you’ll always have room to get the bikes in and out).

Thinking about moving

You may be thinking about moving to a new home. That decision comes to just about all of us at some point.  But where to start? A little overwhelming huh? Not for us.  Just give us a call first and we’ll start with a chat.  Then we will:

  • meet with you in person
  • we’ll prepare a plan of action for you
  • implement the plan with you or the parts you want help with.
  • help you unpack and settle in your new location.
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