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Professional ORganizing

Now you see ’em, now you don’t 

This is the best part when working with us!  By the end of any work session at your premises, items you’ve decided are unneeded will magically disappear.  Okay, not exactly with a snap of your fingers but pretty close.  We will load any donations in our car and drop them off at a variety of locations depending on what it is. And that is a FREE service. Time and time again, our clients LOVE that aspect of the job, as it’ll save them even more time and energy.

If you scroll below, you’ll will see our STUFF BUSTERS BOOKLET.

In there, you will find a host of other locations we do donation drop offs at.

Good Karma

A percentage of all Toronto Home Organizing profits are redirected to various charities at the end of the year.

Handling Donations

When we start simplifying spaces, there are often goods that aren’t needed anymore but still have life in them. I deliver them directly to Value Village, Salvation Army or local women’s shelters, or will make arrangements on your behalf with Habitat for Humanity, The Furniture Bank or various other charities.


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