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Do I have to be around when you work?

It depends on the task. There are various options. We can prepare an organizing plan for you, and you work on it at your own convenience. Or, we can start together so that we can gain insight into your requirements and eventually we go about the process on your behalf. Or, we can work together throughout the project at times that are convenient for you – which is probably the most efficient.


What about confidentiality?

At all times, we respect confidentiality, and provide motivation and emotional support for you. All members of the team in good standing of Professional Organizers in Canada are required to uphold the Code of Ethics. I can also provide and sign a personal confidentiality waiver if you wish. 


Do I work with 1 or more Organizers?

In some situations, teamwork is what is called for so yes, I hire additional professional organizers to help as needed. The team members abide by and adhere to the same POC code of ethics, whose standard practices always include the same confidentiality, professionalism and commitment to excellence as you would expect from me. 

I have a number of assistants who will work with you.  I am always available in a supervisory capacity throughout the workload.  I will conduct the Assessment, provide notes and follow up by phone or on-site to guarantee satisfaction at the end. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with a team member, I would expect you to let me know. 

If a project requires special handiwork, I’ll call in an extra pair of hands, including some of my preferred tradespeople for repairs, installations and specific services.

Needless to say, this would all be discussed in advance with you. I don’t like surprises either.




Do you work weekends?

Yes, we do. And at no additional cost. Many of my residential clients work full-time and can only devote weekend time to getting their homes in order.


Are you able to provide references and testimonials?

Happily! You can log on to my Homestars profile.


What are your fees?

Our billing rate is normally on an hourly basis but  for larger office and corporate jobs, a project fee will be determined in advance. We do not charge for travel time within Toronto. There are no mark-up costs when supplies are purchased on your behalf and a reduced hourly rate will apply for time spent shopping. Our trade discounts will be passed on to you the client. All of these elements are specified in the letter of agreement that we sign.

Fees are based  upon the number of sessions you wish to commit to at the start of the organizing project. There are some package prices available.

You can expect to pay within a range of $55-$90/hour per Organizer.



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