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Simplify Magazine #14

This issue is all about Habit Formation. One of my favourite topics to get a handle on life, lifestyle and control of chaos.

Covid-19: Keeping Organized and Productive in Challenging Times

Guest Content Credit:Linda Chu of Out of Chaos. Linda is a POC BC Lower Mainland member.Extract taken from the Out of Chaos Blogpost. It can be hard to know what to do with yourself with all the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. Below are some tips on how...

5 Steps to Create New Habits

Can’t stop touching your face? Here’s how to break a bad habit. Public health experts are urging people to stop touching their face to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus. As the new coronavirus upends daily life, people are now faced with having to quit...

Simplify Magazine Issue 12

Enjoy this complimentary copy. The theme is Spring Cleaning. This issue is all about Spring Cleaning and Organizing. issue012Download

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